About Economy Storage

We have owned and operated Economy Storage facilities in the Southeast for over 12+ years. We decided to go against the industry norms and focus on the customer. From the beginning we have pushed for simplicity in the leasing of a unit, once you do lease with us, giving you a good value plus treating you fairly. We were aware of many poor (and unnecessary) practices in the industry that we are committed to never follow. There is no worse feeling than being quoted one price and then discover additional fees added to your bill.

No Hidden Fees.  Every Dollar you pay us goes toward your rent. We don't charge deposits or admin fees. Those guys with "$1 move-in Special" ' trust me you will never get out of there just paying a $1. They have deposits, Admin Fees, Fees to Access Your Unit "After Hours", etc.

Simple Move-in Process. We wanted to be sure our new customers understood we are very different from our competitors ' starting with the move in process. We streamlined our process. No one likes to make an appointment and sit in a storage office for 20 minutes plus to complete paperwork.  We take pride on being able to rent a unit in about 5 minutes over the phone from the comfort of your home, all done electronically to ease the task of setting up a storage unit. We value our customers time and want to make the move in and monthly payment process as quick and easy as possible.

One Year Rate Guarantee. Economy Storage also prides itself on maintaining a long term client base. We guarantee our rates for one year. Ask the other guys if they guarantee not to raise your rent for 12 months. This is unheard of in the Self Storage Industry.

  1. Keep It simple- Easy Move-In at your convenience.

  1. Treat the Customer like you want to be treated-Guarantee No Rate Increases 1 year.

  1. Good Value to your Customer by keeping your rates low.  Our 10x10 is just like theirs just won't cost you as much.